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Transformational coach Gillian McMichael reveals how to overcome others’ expectations in new book, ‘Coming Home’

In life, everyone has several roles to play. They may be a parent, a friend, a sibling, colleague or a leader. Most of these roles people choose for themselves, however, individuals are sometimes pigeon-holed into positions they would never have foreseen, limited by others’ expectations of how they should think and behave.

In Coming Home, transformational coach Gillian McMichael explains how to identify the roles and practices which are preventing people from being their true selves. Writing from a place of empathy and openness, she explores how others’ standards, past conditioning and old patterns can cloud a person’s connection to themselves and understanding of what they really want from life.

Throughout her career, Gillian has supported thousands of clients in overcoming their barriers to reaching success, and Coming Home is an enlightening record of her extensive knowledge and experience. Gillian is a master transformational coach, meditation teacher and energy healer, with significant history speaking to large audiences and now her own podcast too.

During her work, Gillian realised that the ideas she had been coaching others about also applied to her own life, and so, unlike most self-development books which try to illustrate concepts through case studies and examples about other people, Coming Home explores how to discover your true self through the author’s own story.

By sharing an inspiring and personal insight into her own life and how she broke free from the effects of past trauma, Gillian encourages the reader to look inside themselves to uncover their own source of happiness and sense of belonging.

With chapters ranging from how to challenge feelings of shame or disappointment, overcome self-limiting beliefs and invest in self-care, Gillian guides the reader on their journey to uncover their own purpose, celebrate their unique gifts and live a life filled with joy. In Coming Home, she outlines a step-by-step, coaching roadmap to self-discovery and reflection grounded in real-life examples and underpinned by mindfulness practices.

Coming Home is an essential read for anyone who is aware that they are at a crossroads in life, want to regain control or feel that they are stuck within themselves. It invites readers to ask four questions: ‘Who am I? ’What do I want?’, ‘What is my purpose?’ and ‘What am I grateful for’?, and then leads readers in their response to each.

Gillian created this book for the everyday reader, hoping to motivate them with the tale of how one normal heroine overcame what was holding her back. It is not just another story about achieving enlightenment at ashrams or travelling the world, it is a realistic account of how to remove barriers, heal and come home to your true self, a state of contentment that all should aspire to reach.

Coming Home is published by Panoma Press and available on Amazon.

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Transformational coach Gillian McMichael's new book 'Coming Home' explores how people can come back to being their true selves

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