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Tile Hill Celebrates IIM Survey Insights and Pledges Commitment to a More Inclusive Interim Profession

Tile Hill, a renowned public sector executive recruitment company, proudly shares their insights and response to the recently conducted Institute of Interim Management (IIM) Survey. With a massive pool of approximately 5,000 respondents, the survey has offered profound insights into the experiences of interims across diverse sectors, highlighting significant trends and challenges in the industry.

The survey’s results reveal a promising post-COVID-19 bounce-back in the interim market, with interims experiencing a surge in working days, shorter breaks between assignments, and rising day rates. While these optimistic trends indicate a brighter outlook, concerns about future market conditions persist. In the public sector, 26% of respondents anticipate growth, while 47% expect stability. The survey also underscores the challenges faced by interims in securing future assignments, with 43% expressing concerns about finding their next opportunity.

A key finding from the survey is the rise in newcomers to the interim profession, with 11.7% of respondents in their first year, and 35% within their first four years. However, the survey highlights the importance of promoting the inclusivity of the interim community. With 70% of respondents identifying as male and 82.2% identifying as white, these statistics suggest it is not representative of society. Additionally, the survey exposes a gender pay gap of 7% in the public sector and 21% in the private sector.

Tile Hill stands committed to championing diversity in the interim profession, and actively taking steps to negotiate rates based on experience and capability, aiming to create equitable opportunities and bridge the pay gap for all interims.

Effective communication and support are crucial for interims, as evident from the survey’s findings. Tile Hill acknowledges the significance of high-quality recruitment partners who provide consistent communication, unwavering support, and timely feedback throughout the application and assignment process.

Anthony Lewis, Director at Tile Hill, exudes enthusiasm for the invaluable insights unveiled in this year’s Institute of Interim Management (IIM) Survey. Lewis emphasises, “The survey has provided us with profound insights into the challenges and aspirations of interims. At Tile Hill, we are unwavering in our commitment to fostering inclusivity, empowering interim communities, and addressing disparities to create a more rewarding and equitable interim profession.”

In response to the survey findings, Tile Hill has made a firm commitment to provide structured advice and unwavering support to interims during the recruitment process, from application through onboarding. The company aims to strengthen interim communities, promote inclusivity, and actively work towards closing the gender pay gap.

Tile Hill’s recognition as the third-ranked Interim Service Provider (ISP), and Nik Shah securing the top consultant in the survey, further solidify the company’s commitment to excellence and dedication to the interim profession.

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Tile Hill is a leading UK-based firm specialising in interim management and executive search services for public and not-for-profit organisations. Centred around the belief that people are at the core of everything they do, Tile Hill is dedicated to improving lives, enhancing communities, and fostering a better society through their recruitment efforts. Their team comprises dedicated market specialists and award-winning consultants, all driven by the shared goal of propelling organisations towards their objectives. Tile Hill’s approach to their work is characterised by energy, positivity, and an unwavering passion for achieving exceptional results. One of Tile Hill’s core missions is to promote greater representation in leadership roles. To achieve this, they are committed to delivering inclusive recruitment experiences and strengthening Equality, Diversity & Inclusion across all levels of their client organisations. Tile Hill’s responsible and mindful recruitment process ensures accessibility for the entire talent market. They are sensitive to social and professional challenges surrounding gender identity, race, disability, neurodiversity, sexual orientation, age, and other factors contributing to society’s diversity. Through their transformative talent in leadership, Tile Hill works to create a positive impact on society and drive organisational success.

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