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The Personal Board of You Inc.: How to recruit the best personal advisors to accelerate your goals

The events of recent years have prompted many people to reflect on what they want from their personal and professional lives. The Great Resignation is now an ongoing economic trend, and new research commissioned by Unum UK, a leading employee benefits provider, shows that due to the cost-of-living crisis, nearly a fifth (19%) of the workforce in the UK plan to search for new jobs with better employee benefits and higher salaries this year.

With many individuals finding themselves at a crossroads in their careers, Emma Maslen likens the importance of creating a support network that will help them make career and personal decisions to the process of building a corporate board. Introducing the concept of a “Personal Board”, in both instances, groups are designed to provide ad-hoc advice and guidance, and are integral to the success of the subject they advise.

Emma Maslen helps female-founded businesses with funding, having become an angel investor in 2018 through Angel Academe. Attributing her career success to the network seeded in the early stages of her career and fostered throughout her last 25 years in business, Emma now works with start-ups, scale-ups and large enterprises coaching their teams to higher growth.

In her new book The Personal Board of You Inc., Emma explains how readers can recruit the best and most applicable personal advisors to accelerate their goals, thus creating the optimal Personal Board. It covers topics such as how to identify each person’s own needs and ambitions, the importance of networking, what makes creating a solid collection of advisors successful and when to consult the board.

Applicable to all career stages, from graduate to entrepreneur, to established senior leader, this book reinforces the need to constantly invest and grow networks throughout every role and period of life. It covers the mindset and practical steps required to make the most of your network, right through from defining the objectives to feedback and sustaining the board.

Many people forget to think strategically about how the connections they have made throughout their personal and professional lives could accelerate their growth. The Personal Board of You Inc. offers staple advice and a fresh perspective, making it an essential guide for individuals seeking help on how to push themselves to new heights.

The Personal Board of You Inc. is published by Rethink Press and available on Amazon.

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Emma Maslen launches new book, The Personal Board of You Inc.

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