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The Independent Retailer Bringing Women Across The Country Together

Leeds based fashion retailer, The Style Attic, have long been empowering the women of Leeds with their ethos that fashion knows no age or size.

But the recent creation of their ‘Friends Of The Style Attic’ group has seen women from all across the world coming together to support and cheer each other on.

The group, which was set up on Facebook, has amassed nearly 3000 members in just three months, with members as far afield as Norway and South Africa.

This strong community of women take to the social media platform to share their latest looks from The Style Attic, ask for fashion tips, and general advice.

Each and every post is inundated with comments and support from like minded women.

Leigh Unwin, founder of The Style Attic, said, “We’ve always found our customers to be our biggest cheerleaders on social media, every time we would share an image of ourselves, or another customer, the support was overwhelming. We knew we had this huge network of incredible women, so we thought, why not bring them together!”

The Style Attics social media success is highlighted each week when social media users tune in to their live streams. Their most recent livestream where they showcased the week’s newest styles and interacted with followers was viewed by a huge 45,000 people.

Leigh Unwin said, “We’ve always been about helping women feel confident and beautiful but this group has taken that one step further. It’s incredible to see the kind of support these women offer to each other. It doesn’t matter whether they’re complete strangers and from different ends of the country, they constantly uplift and give confidence to one another!’

Sam Carney, a member of the group told us, “ I love how all of the women in the group compliment each other and help each other out with advice. It’s so inclusive and inspiring to me!”

As The Style Attic’s online community continues to grow, the brand is already looking into how they can bring these incredible friendships forged online into the real world this summer.

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