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The Finance Talks Launches New PR Service For Fintech Community

A new service aimed to help fintech companies improve their PR and investor communication skills launches today called The Finance Talks.

The aim is to help fintech and new financial companies achieve better communications with customers, investors and other financial organisations to help them succeed and scale quicker.

​Louise Ahuja, Director, The Finance Talks “Having worked with fintech companies for over a decade, we’ve seen many not make the impact they deserve because they have a great idea but don’t know how to tell their potential customers and investors.

“At the same time I understand and appreciate that PR and marketing is an expense that some start-ups cannot afford and this toolkit will help them promote and protect their brand in the right way.”

As well as providing the PR tools to help fintech companies improve their communications, The Finance Talks will also have a news section where fintech company can share their news.

Louise Ahuja, The Finance Talks, continued, “We’re building a community where fintechs can meet other brands who are also looking to make a difference and learn from. We want to ensure that the thriving fintech community in the UK can access great PR.”

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