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TaxScouts Launch 2022 Tax Book for the Hustle Economy

The world of tax seems to inflict more horror to Brits than the thought of giving up their daily cuppa. Enter TaxScouts, whose team of tax-perts are publishing a complete 2022 tax guide to help millions of Brits navigating the current hustle economy with getting ahead of their finances like a true boss.

Tax 101: Surviving the Hustle Economy launched in April 2022 to coincide with the beginning of the new tax year. The free e-book aims to support anyone who has an additional source of income – be it through stocks or crypto investments, Airbnb rentals, online sales, freelancing gig etc. – with a comprehensive guide to understand the tax implications that each of these side hustles will bring.

Want to know how to do a CGT tax return on crypto investments? Curious about what tax to pay on Depop sales? Need to learn how to claim tax relief on pensions as a freelancer? Each of the 10 chapters of Tax 101: Surviving the Hustle Economy will offer the ‘need to knows’ and the best ways to not just navigate through the complex world of tax, but to also own it.

Every year, more than 12 million people are required to complete their tax returns. The stakes are high – get it wrong and you could be out of pocket or worse, be fined – and the stress of it all seems to be getting to people. In January 2022, HMRC said that 630,000 submitted their tax returns on the last day before the cut-off and more than 2 million missed the deadline. It really doesn’t have to be this tough!

Tax 101: Surviving the Hustle Economy will be available from the TaxScouts website, as well as Apple and Amazon, is completely free and has something for everyone so readers can pick and choose the elements that are most relevant to them.

In 2018, TaxScouts launched its online tax return service, which matches clients to accountants, who can file tax returns for £119 all in. After experiencing exponential growth, TaxScouts secured £5m series A funding from Octopus Ventures in 2020, which helped it achieve international expansion, particularly across Spain and the journey to expand across Europe continues.

In January 2022, TaxScouts held an incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign, raising £2.9m from its community and the general public, and reaching 292% of the original £1m target. The raise goes towards further expansion into Europe, doubling down on its success in Spain, and to create more products to take the stress of tax for its users.

Tax 101: Surviving the Hustle Economy will be available to download for free via the TaxScouts website as well as on Apple iTunes and Amazon.

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