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Success Secrets of Disruptors is the book designed to help people take society to the next stage of its evolution

Everyone is subject to continual disruption in their lives, especially in an era whereby society and the workplace is continually changing with global trends. The future is unknown to all and approaching at an unprecedented pace.

Futurist Peter Fisk says that markets are accelerating four times faster than they did twenty years ago, due to the accelerating speed of innovation and diminishing life cycles of products. As a result of this and the rise of automated solutions, the McKinsey Global Institute has predicted that 375 million workers worldwide will be forced to differentiate occupationally by 2030.

The unparalleled speed of this evolution poses the challenge of where people can go for support, how they must change their mindset or diversify their skills. With this in mind, Success Secrets of Disruptors has been designed to provide people with the guidance they need as change pushes them into new ways of working and living.

Every industry is being affected by one or all of the following: AI, blockchain, capital markets, climate change, electric vehicles, food shortages, homeworking, inflation, the IoT, robots, scaling cities, the metaverse, water demand war, and many others. To survive these influences, people must learn to be disruptors, push back on the status quo and forge new directions.

Success Secrets of Disruptors combines the expertise of sixteen business leaders and professionals to help readers pave their own way through uncertain times. The book is segmented into short, easy-to-read chapters, making it ideal for dipping in and out of when necessary.

Each of the authors are members of the BIP100 (Business Is Personal 100), an exclusive community of one hundred diverse business owners who place friendship and caring at the top of their values. The BIP100 was created on the principle that experiencing a personal sense of connection and belonging is influential, if not imperative to business success. Success Secrets of Disruptors is the third book in the BIP100’s ‘Success Secrets’ series.

Covering a vast range of topics, each contributing author addresses a new subject within their chapter, drawing from in-depth experience in industries such as marketing, property, the stock market, the education system, music, performance coaching, technology, business and health and safety.

Success Secrets of Disruptors is a community-focused book, written by industry experts and disruptors, for aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals of all backgrounds. Readers will be inspired to identify areas in their own field that are crying out for change and create their own disruption strategy to bring about a positive difference. It will also be the source to help disruptors and inspire others to join them to help reshape their industry.

Success Secrets of Disruptors is published by Panoma Press and available on Amazon

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New book 'Success Secrets of Disruptors' encourages people to challenge the status quo in everyday life

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