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Staff wellbeing at Coventry national training provider boosted after new benefits introduced

A wide range of employee benefits recently introduced by a Coventry-based national training provider are already having positive effects on staff wellbeing.

PET-Xi, which delivers training and courses to help jobseekers and school leavers find employment, has introduced a host of new benefits for its staff including a new employee assistance programme (EAP) which provides better access to GPs and mental health support.

The company has also signed up to the West Midlands Combined Authority’s ‘Thrive at Work’ scheme, which officially recognises workplaces that promotes employee health and wellbeing.

In addition, PET-Xi has also committed to three new ‘charters’ to increase its suitability for those with disabilities, young care leavers, and those with previous convictions.

Dale Ball, Head of HR and Designated Safeguarding Lead at PET-Xi, has said changes are already being noticed in the company.

He said: “I came into PET-Xi just before Christmas 2022, and got to work on the additional benefits the company wanted to introduce by way of new benefits for staff as part of its ambitious growth plans.

“One of the most important things that matter to people is the difficulty in accessing health appointments, and uncertainty around how to deal with any mental health worries.

“Staff are now able to access EAP services discreetly and no longer have to raise problems with fellow staff members if they’d rather seek advice in private.

“It also means our staff don’t have to join the struggle of trying to get an NHS GP appointment, which can be very difficult in this current climate.

“And we are already seeing benefits – usage of the EAP is very high across the company, and we are beginning to see a reduction in sick leave as a result.

“This is all on top of the superb holiday and pension provision we offer and the great social atmosphere at PET-Xi. Our priority is to make PET-Xi a fantastic place to work.”

Alongside the introduction of these benefits, PET-Xi’s senior team have long been committed to attracting people from traditionally disadvantaged backgrounds, and have signed up to three ‘charters’ to formalise this.

These are the PCC (Police, Crime Commissioner) Second Chances Charter launched by Simon Foster, PCC Commissioner alongside the WMCA, which helps those with previous convictions find work, the Disability Confident Scheme which removes barriers to employment for those with disabilities, and the Care Leaver Covenant which provides work opportunities for those leaving the care system aged 16-25.

Dale added: “The charters let people know that we will give them a fair chance – as long as they have the experience and skills, they will be considered for a role here.

“PET-Xi often works with people facing these challenges and helps them find employment. It’s important that our workforce reflects that too.”

Fleur Sexton, CEO of PET-Xi, added: “As an organisation that gets people into meaningful work, it was important to go even further in assisting our staff with aspects of life which are challenging, as well as working in partnership to continue to remove barriers for those who may be disadvantaged to apply for work.

“The EAP and the three charters are doing this brilliantly. They are helping us break social barriers and get even more people into work.

“We’d love for anyone interested in potentially working for us, helping make a difference to people’s lives – while enjoying great benefits – to get in touch.”

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