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SSE Adopts Home Charging For Drivers, Backed By Allstar One Electric

UK energy giant adopts Allstar’s home charging solution, demonstrating its commitment to the EV 100 Climate Group, and to transition its fleet to 100% alternative fuels by 2030

Allstar Business Solutions Limited, the UK’s leading fuel and EV payment companies, and long term customer SSE, a leading generator of renewable electricity and one of the largest electricity network companies in the UK, have teamed up to provide Allstar Homecharge to the energy giant’s drivers. The move demonstrates SSE’s commitment to a zero-emission future and its transition to electric vehicles (EVs), while preventing its loyal drivers from footing the bill for vehicle charging.

With a growing number of UK companies adopting EVs – registrations rose 75% last year from 108,000 to 191,000 – they must consider how to manage vehicles that employees take home at the end of the day and charging challenges that this presents. Home charging is convenient for drivers but can add complexity to the reimbursement and accurate reporting of costs. For SSE, having also committed to EV 100 Climate Group, this is compounded by the cost-of-living crisis and a keen desire to avoid its drivers being out of pocket at any time.

Having harnessed Allstar’s fuel card solutions for a number of years before implementing the Allstar One Electric charging card, it has now adopted Allstar Homecharge. This means its fleet managers now have complete visibility of charging and payments at home and on the road and simplifies the settlement of drivers’ business home charging by paying their energy supplier directly.

For employees it mitigates any out-of-pocket expenses, administration or bill shock, something that has never been more critical during the current economic climate. Drivers have access to their charging history through the Allstar Driver Homecharge portal which they can also use to manage energy tariffs details, have visibility over charging sessions, and view when and how much charging has been paid for by their employer.

Tom Rowlands, Managing Director, Global EV Solutions at Allstar Business Solutions, said: “Allstar Homecharge was launched to solve one of the biggest pain points that transitioning to an EV fleet can pose for businesses – separating personal and professional recharges in the home. We are delighted that SSE has taken advantage of our suite of EV charging solutions, which provides a holistic view of charging sessions and other benefits for the business and its staff.”

Graham Robinson, National Fleet Zero Emissions Manager, SSE, commented: “We have been increasing the number of EVs and electric vans in our fleet for some time as we near the 2030 deadline, but with that came its own unique challenges, including how to manage drivers taking their vehicles home at night to recharge. Allstar has been with us for every step of this journey so it only made sense to integrate Allstar Homecharge to support us with these evolving needs, and we couldn’t be more pleased that we have – it’s improved efficiencies for our office and made the lives of our drivers easier.”

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