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Soke Performance launches mental health ‘MOT’ for businesses and their employees

A bespoke programme of mental health “MOTs” is launched today by Soke Performance, the corporate offering from the private mental health and wellness clinic The Soke.

The MOT is a new mental healthcare solution designed for employees of organisations that want to get better or to perform better. While some individuals will require relatively short-term interventions to assist with a situational crisis, others are focused on coaching, training and development plans.

As part of the MOT, clinical services are led by senior practitioners from The Soke who are leaders in their respective fields of expertise. Each programme is preceded by an assessment to determine the needs or desired benefits and ultimately the goals of any intervention.

The MOTs include annual or biannual screenings of employees, consisting of:

  • An online assessment, using Dialog, GAD and PHQ
  • A 60-minute face-to-face assessment with a senior practitioner
  • A bespoke care plan, identifying those that are: cognitively healthy and self-sufficient; require 1:1 therapy; or require 1:1 coaching
  • An individual report for the organisation, identifying trends, risks and training opportunities
  • Employers do not receive any information on the presentation of their staff, either at the MOT or the follow up stages, however, The Soke is able to amass anonymous
  • information obtained through assessments to help the organisation identify any cultural issues that they can address.

Ed Lowther, Head of Soke Performance, comments:

“Events from the past few years have completely reshaped organisational culture. At the same time, it’s clear that the way that employees feel at work has a huge impact not only on their own mental wellbeing but on the overall performance of the organisation. Through the mental health “MOT” we can support employees and their contribution to their organisation, offering bespoke packages to suit their needs – whether they want to get better or to perform better.”

Rated Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, The Soke offers a unique model of systemic, targeted and multi-disciplinary response with best-in-class psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and executive coaching specialists.

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