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SentinelOne® shields India’s premier hospital from increasing cyber attacks

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital leverages market-leading AI-based security tools to keep critical infrastructure safe

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and healthcare organisations are increasingly being targeted. In the first quarter of 2023, the sector experienced nearly 1,700 attacks per week – a 22 percent increase over 2022, when it was the victim of a record 1.9 million attacks in total. Most hospitals rely on legacy software to remedy the ills that cyberattacks can cause. But as the threat landscape continues to evolve and become more complex, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital decided a more modern approach was needed. And it turned to SentinelOne, a global leader in autonomous security, to prescribe a plan.

“Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is the oldest hospital in the region, and our IT systems reflected that,” said Arun Goyal, CIO at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. “In the changing cybersecurity environment and with the evolution of ChatGPT, we knew we needed to be much stronger in our endpoint security, and leverage the same AI capabilities adversaries are using to execute attacks to keep our infrastructure and data safe.”

Modern solutions for modern threats

Enter SentinelOne. A pioneer in deep learning models and neural networks, SentinelOne has redefined Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) with Singularity XDR, a market-leading, intelligence-driven platform that extends protection beyond the endpoint, providing unfettered visibility, AI-powered protection, and unparalleled response capabilities that security teams can use to defend the entire technology stack.

In a post-COVID era, Goyal views this as critical. “People are working from home and working remotely, so you have to have endpoint security, where in the absence of the Internet or your access to the endpoint, you have something sitting there to stave off threats,” he said.

And this is where SentinelOne stood out.

AI as a force for good

“One thing which attracted us towards SentinelOne was the AI sitting within it,” Goyal said. “It was functional and worked even in the absence of the Internet. Everybody’s taking care of endpoint and gateway-level security and data at rest. But one should be taking care of the data in transition as well. Because that is the one piece which is very vulnerable. And with SentinelOne, we can do this.”

“Whether they are healing on the front lines or researching a healthier tomorrow, SentinelOne provides healthcare organisations with a simpler, more effective way to secure their distributed and diverse IT ecosystem,” said Diwa Dayal, Managing Director – India & SAARC, SentinelOne. “Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is an innovator in cybersecurity and we are pleased to be helping them to protect the business of protecting us.”

SentinelOne provides a unique portfolio of solutions that healthcare organisations around the world can use to improve their security posture.

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