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Scott Bros Offer ‘Foster Home’ For Rescued Bees

Recycling specialists Scott Bros is offering an ideal haven for ‘homeless’ bees that have been rescued by a pest control expert.


Sean Mooney, who runs Redcar-based Kill Line, has a passion for rescuing bees as he appreciates the vital role they play in pollinating the food we need to survive.


He specialises in removing unwanted bees from hard-to-reach places, and since setting up the business in 2016 has saved millions of the insects.


Sean, who operates as far north as Scotland and York to the south, needs safe places for the rescued bees, where can be ‘fostered’ until it is time for them to be rehomed.


David Scott Jnr, a director at Stockton-based Scott Bros, offered a remediated industrial site owned by the firm for use as a bee refuge, where up to ten hives can be accommodated.


Sean removes bee swarms from a range of commercial buildings after which they are placed into quarantine for an extended period to ensure they are free of disease.


Once they are declared fit, a permanent home is then sought – with Kill Line recently sending a colony to social housing company Thirteen at its ecological centre, with others rehomed to Bolam Lake County Park in Northumberland.


Sean said: “The bees need a large supply of pollen and nectar and the weeds on this remediated industrial site is absolutely ideal as it provide ideal foraging and gives them the opportunity to gain the weight they need to see them through winter.”


“It’s crucial to protect and maintain a healthy bee population as they play a vital role in maintaining food and crop production and preventing the loss of wildlife habitats.


“I’m extremely grateful to Scott Bros for offering a safe haven for these magnificent and industrious creatures until a permanent home can be found.”


David added: “We are a recycling business and helping to provide a temporary foster home for these bees is recycling at its finest, ensuring they will continue their crucial role within the ecosystem.”


Fellow director Peter Scott added: “We are only too happy to help Sean out as bees are essential for pollinating the crops that people need to survive and ‘fertilising’ trees and flowers that form wildlife habitats.


“And if that’s not enough, the bees are paying us back by kindly producing an exclusive supply of Scott Bros honey!”


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L-R: Peter Scott and Sean Mooney with the hives that provide a ‘foster’ home for rescued bees on the remediated land on Teesside

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