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Salt-Water Sandal, an iconic, timeless vintage design wins European hearts and feet

IMONI Studios is pleased to announce the launch of a trilingual (English, French, German) webshop – by its client, Salt-Water Sandals UK & EU, distributor of the iconic and vintage American sandal, in response to the growing demand of its European “fans”.

For more than 75 years, these fans, in the U.S.A, UK, and today in Europe have worn the nostalgic aesthetic Salt-Water Sandal, and crowded paths, roads and beaches. This is a story of love, genius, and know-how of four generations: three keys to successful creation:

Salt-Water Sandal and Love:

That of a great father, the ingenious Walter Hoy, a British immigrant from Norwich who, while the Second World War was raging and was short of raw materials, made, with leather scraps from the manufacture of American military boots, a pair of sandals for his little daughter Margery. Thus, was born the first pair of Salt-Water Original sandals, followed by a second, for his brother Bob. One, two and thousands cross the oceans and the world today.

Salt-Water Sandal, Genius and Artisanal Know-How:

If heart and enthusiasm are two pillars of successful creation, one still needs to have a great idea – the spirit of invention – and the know-how to design this sandal and to make it solid, to last as long as possible whilst waiting for the arrival of raw materials. Durable, shall it be, beyond expectations. Lasting, in every sense of the word, since it has crossed the world and fashion for more than 75 years and is without a doubt, one of the first pairs of long-living sandals, due to its solidity and longevity of its style.

Style witness of the “American 1940s” it is a real “signature”, stamped permanently on the collective memory, and is a real trend today, in 2022. Happy nostalgia for an eternal style that inspires designers, defies the decades, dances with time, not only thanks to its design but also the solidity of the materials that compose it and the quality of its craftsmanship designed by Walter Hoy, unchanged for four generations: the hand-stitched sole, buckles with stainless and adjustable tongues, braided leather impermeable to saltwater – a specificity which is the origin of its brand name “Salt-Water Sandal” -. Lasting again and again because it fits young and old, from toddler US size 3 to adult US size 11, and is passed down in the family, from child to child, from foot to foot. Over the decades, its colour palette has expanded, and its extended range presents a collection of eleven models for children and nine for adults. The Salt-Water Originals sit on a sturdy rubber sole; those of the Sun-San range is based on a softer urethane base.

Salt-Water Sandal, its entry into Europe, a universal cult:

The Salt-Water Sandals, are much appreciated by many celebrities: Kate & Lottie Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow and Uma Thurman, not to mention the little fans: Blue Ivy and Vivienne Jolie Pit, Apple Martin and Shiloh Jolie, who pass time and grow with everyone, invite all their fans to walk happily on water.

to acquire as quickly as possible in one click, the desired Salt-Walter Sandals that have been treading saltwater under the sun for more than 75 years, from the trilingual online store which will meet each European demand thanks to the team of Rachael Lainé, CEO of Salt-Water Sandals UK, EU & SEA , who distributes the brand to more than 500 European retail stores.  Salt-Water Sandal is an American heritage brand, essential summer wear since 1944, affectionately nicknamed “SALTIES” since it fears neither the sun at its zenith, nor saltwater, nor sea bathing.



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