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Reuse and Recycle is the Motto at Two Magpies Bakery

With the cost of fuel and ingredients soaring, Two Magpies Bakery has found a novel way to save money and reduce waste with some innovative recipe ideas.

As it looks to achieve B Corp status and become carbon neutral by 2030, Two Magpies Bakery, which operates seven bakery/cafes across Norfolk and Suffolk, is finding new ways to create delicious bakes using stale bakes, off cuts and crumbs.

“Costs are very high at the moment and anything we can do to make our ingredients go further is a bonus,” explains Operations Director, Yasmin Wyatt. “For quite a while we’ve been making the most of our leftovers and one of our most popular products is our Cinnamon Swirl Butter, which is made using leftover cinnamon buns, which are dried and crumbed and stirred into burnt white chocolate to create a delicious spread. This is really popular and we use it in lots of recipes too.”

The bakeries also reuse day-old croissants, giving them a second life as Almond Croissants which are syrup soaked, stuffed with frangipane and topped with flaked almonds. “These go down a treat and are truly delicious,” continues Yasmin. “We also use leftover sourdough crumbs in our sausage rolls and bread puddings, whilst cake crumbs are often used as a base for other puddings.”

The firm even makes use of the first lots of waste coffee it makes at the start of the day when they adjust the grinder, this is used to soak the sponge for tiramisu. “When you’re running 7 sites, there’s obviously going to be waste,” continues Yasmin, “but we’re lucky to have such amazing chefs on hand who can take the leftovers and reincarnate them into delicious things that can be enjoyed over the days to come.

“Reducing our waste is incredibly important to us across the whole of our operation. We now buy larger quantities of frequently-used items to reduce the amount of packing and the waste going to landfill or to recycling. This is something we’ll continue to focus on as we aim for B Corp status,” concludes Yasmin.

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