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Regional firms will ‘take their message’ to Westminster

Businesses in the manufacturing, automotive, construction and engineering (MACE) sectors in Coventry and Warwickshire are taking their message to Westminster this month.

Firms from across those industries have been brought together by the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce over the past two years to talk about specific issues that are affecting them.

The MACE group originally met at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic to look at the challenges facing their businesses, such as grappling with the covid guidance which affected many firms who needed their staff at their place of work for their operation to continue.

They continued to meet online and came together for their second face-to-face event at HORIBA MIRA this month to discuss ongoing issues such as rising cost, recruitment and overseas trade.

The group – led by the Chamber and including major employers through to SMEs – will go to Parliament later in October where they will meet MPs and ask for the creation of a new Minister for Manufacturing to enhance its voice at the highest levels of Government.

Sean Rose, head of policy at the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “Just in the last few years we have seen the energy crisis, coronavirus and exiting the European Union which has had an adverse effect on the manufacturing, automotive, construction and engineering sectors.

“Therefore, it is right that the Chamber brings together the leading voices in these sectors to discuss the challenges faced but more importantly the practical solutions that can be presented directly to the government.

“It was very clear from these discussions that the business community wants to get on with doing what it does best but needs the government to clear the red tape that is holding back growth and provide a platform of certainty allowing firms to plan for the future.

“The energy price cap guarantee is a move in the right direction but the uncertainty of it coming to an end in six months’ time is just another example of the challenging times businesses find themselves in.

“As a Chamber of Commerce, we will continue to speak up on behalf of businesses throughout our region and ensure that the voice of business is being heard loud and clear by the new prime minister in Number 10.”

Declan Allen, of Horiba MIRA, said: “It was great to host the MACE roundtable event at HORIBA MIRA.

“Bringing business, academic and government leaders together to discuss the economic challenges and opportunities is hugely important. This means we can debate and agree one voice that goes forward to influence policy, strategy and delivery frameworks to build a strong future.

“Yes, we have many challenges but we also have a unique combination of enablers in the Midlands to deliver great products and services to a global customer base. The MACE events help to build key relationships and collaboration.”

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