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Pretzel Group making waves with latest client win

After welcoming a stream of new clients on board in recent months, Cheshire-based Pretzel Group is further making waves with its latest addition – Crag Water.

The new-to-market environmentally conscious spring water brand is being bottled at source in the Macclesfield countryside, after owner Doran Binder discovered an untapped stream running underneath the Crag Inn, Wildboarclough; the pub he purchased when his marriage broke down.

Doran is now a qualified water sommelier, better known as The Bearded Water Sommelier, and wants to share his newfound passion – water – with the world. He has engaged the integrated digital agency to help take his business and his profile in the industry, to the next level.

Pretzel has overhauled the Crag Water website, simplifying the customer journey and adding more options for Crag’s spring water subscription service, before embarking on a national PR and marketing drive to raise the profile of both Doran and the Crag Water brand.

Becki Wiper, co-founder of Pretzel Group said: “It’s not very often you come across a brand with such an intriguing story behind it and a high-quality product to boot. Couple that with Doran’s strong moral compass and commitment to the environment and it’s a real gift to an agency like ours.

“In overcoming a very difficult period of his life, Doran has found his passion and stumbled upon one of the purest sources of natural spring water to be found in the world. You can’t fail to be impressed by that. Once we begin to share his story and that of his business, we can’t wait to see the coverage and hopefully the orders too, come flowing in.”

John Butcher, co-founder of Pretzel Group added: “I have no doubt that people are just going to love Doran’s water. After experiencing a water tasting session and trying some of the product right out of the ground, we’re all hooked. We’ve already solved some of the user journey issues that provided a stumbling block to more people signing up to the water subscriptions service. Now these difficulties are sorted, we are launching a new website that really shows off the brand to its best ability, I believe this business is really going to take off.”

Doran Binder, owner of Crag Water, added: “I’m a big believer in fate and going with your gut when things feel right. When I met Becki, John and the team we just clicked, they instantly ‘got it’ and I knew right away that this was the agency I should go with. I’m at a point in the business now where I’m ready to expand. We’re currently working at a small percentage of our capacity so we’re ready to grow and the team at Pretzel absolutely has the skills and knowledge to help me do that.

“Water is something we all need to live, yet we rarely give a second thought to where our water comes from, that’s something I want to start to change. After beginning my journey and becoming immersed in the world of water, I’m learning more and more about how good it can make you feel. I’m becoming aware of the amazing benefits that drinking spring water from this pure source and others around the world can have on the mind and body and with the help of Pretzel, it’s something I can’t wait to share with as many people as possible.”

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