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Pact Coffee Launches New Pack Design In Recyclable Packaging

Pact Coffee is rolling out new packaging that funds the collection of ocean-bound bottles from Asian rivers.

The roaster’s new single-material bags are 100% recyclable and made from 70% recycled materials, which are plastics commonly disposed of in recycling bins.

For every 1,000,000 bags created, the equivalent of 53,000 600ml plastic bottles will be collected from rivers in the Philippines and Indonesia by the ethical recycling program Plastic Bank.

Paul Turton, Pact Coffee’s CEO, said: “If climate change continues at its current trajectory, it’s estimated that we’ll see a significant impact on 75% of Arabica supply, which has already fallen short of demand for the past two years.

“Plastic pollution significantly reduces ecosystems’ ability to adapt to climate change, so reducing our usage, promoting a circular economy and funding schemes like this bag saves is exactly what we need to do to protect the future of coffee and the planet.

“There was the option to instead choose ‘compostable’ packaging, and we understand that this is the preference for well-meaning customers.

“However, around 90% of people don’t have the means to compost at home, and the growing data shows that lots of this packaging is ending up in landfill or blocking the food recycling process.

“For this reason, we’re confident that we’ve chosen the most sustainable option while maintaining the trademark Pact Coffee freshness.”

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Pact Coffee releases new packaging

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About Pact Coffee Pact Coffee’s purpose is to bring outstanding speciality coffee to UK consumers while improving the lives of farmers in an industry which often treats them grossly unfairly. The company believes that the traditional coffee supply chain is broken, choosing instead to procure its coffees directly from farmers through its pioneering ‘direct trade’ model. This way, mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationships can be built to pay farmers a price they can actually live on and, as a result, ensure workers are also paid a fair wage.

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