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Nordic Roots Are At The Heart Of All We Do – Kris Simpson, Country Manager UK at Cool Company

While this may come as a surprise to some of our clients in the UK, Cool Company started life in Sweden, and we attribute much of our success to our Nordic roots – and strongly believe that other companies can learn a lot from this way of life too.

As the Nordic way of life is in our DNA, we are technology driven and focused, taking a logical approach to solutions that ensure we deliver the best digital platforms and payroll services to all our clients, wherever they are in the world.

Why Are Nordic Businesses So Successful?

Company culture is key to Nordic businesses as companies understand people want much more from employers than money – they want to be part of something bigger and part of something that shares the same values.

It’s important for staff to believe in the business they work for, and most workers prioritise a sense of purpose and well-being higher than financial factors. Many companies take a flexible approach to enable people to manage the demands placed on them outside of work and put a greater emphasis on results rather than clocking in and clocking out.

For many years, Nordic countries have topped global leaderboards when it comes to happy workers, and this is because of the culture that emphasises employee purpose and wellbeing, trust, transparency and equality.

Workers feel valued and supported, which empowers them to give their best – for the company, for clients and for customers alike. This is good for the individual, for business and for society. People enjoy work and want to work hard, offsetting this with a healthy work-life balance that is important to the Scandinavian way of life.

There is a sense of fairness, with a low gender pay gap and shared parental leave. The working environment is open and honest, with individuals feeling comfortable sharing their ideas and giving feedback freely. This leads to teams working well together and collaborating regardless of team or job title.

IKEA, H&M, VOLVO and Spotify all hail from the Nordics and are successful on the global stage.

Top Tips For Embracing The Nordic Way

Nordic culture is at the core of Cool Company, and we’ve learnt so much from founding our business in the Nordics and embracing the culture and approach to company life.

Here are some tips for adopting the Nordic way and values for your business, and benefiting as a result:

Invest In Getting The Company Culture Just Right

Culture is the heart of every business, influencing just how successful it can be – it is one of the best investments businesses can make as it drives the business forward to ensure it is appealing to investors, staff and customers alike, and able to achieve its goals thanks to having employees who are willing to go above and beyond their role.

Be More Inclusive & Less Hierarchical

Fundamentally, by being inclusive and less hierarchical, you welcome the opinions of everyone in the company, regardless of position or team. This enables your pitch to be heard and recognised by those who can implement a good idea without getting distracted by any formal processes for idea sharing.

Make Well-being Matter

Employee well-being is key and providing great benefits to all your staff translates into a trustworthy culture which is supportive and lets everyone be productive and solutions focussed.

Focus On The End User

Make sure that the end user’s experience of your services or products is what matters most to you, and approach all challenges with a suitable mindset. Depending on your business, this might be a technical, product, or feelings-based mindset. At Cool Company, our digital platform is the basis of all we do, which is why our IT team is the biggest team in the whole company – we work hard to make our digital offering comprehensive yet simple and easy to use.

Simplify What You Do & Offer

Ultimately, simplicity is key and customers like businesses to deliver in an easy-to-use and effective way. As Cool Company exists to simplify compliance, payroll and tax for clients, we use our innovative technology to achieve this.

Our Nordic roots definitely define us – who we are and how we work. We use our Nordic heritage to positively influence us on a daily basis, from being open to ideas and including everyone’s opinions in our plans, to staying technology-driven and true to our ultimate goal of enabling global workers and businesses to enjoy greater freedoms and peace of mind whilst staying fully compliant.

Businesses around the world can benefit a great deal from embracing the Nordic way of life and approach to company culture, although perhaps the UK won’t be so eager to adopt the pickled herring any time soon!

Kris Simpson, Country Manager UK at Cool Company

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