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No website? No problem. Onvi unveils enhanced POS software and new features

Onvi, the modern POS system for independent, ambitious hospitality operators, unveils its most significant product update as the company launches new functionality to enhance the user experience for operators and their customers.

It’s estimated that 28% of small businesses don’t have a website* with maintenance costs, lack of digital skills and prohibitive development costs cited as the reasons. Using Onvi combats this as the POS provider can automatically create optional custom-branded landing pages for all its operators, giving a web presence to businesses who don’t already have one.

Raoul Boström, Chief Product Officer at Onvi, explains, “There are many innovative hospitality operators providing first-class customer service and phenomenal products but managing their own website can seem overwhelming and out of reach. This doesn’t need to be the case. We want independent businesses to thrive and compete on a level playing field with more prominent brands. Through our enhanced online ordering, included for free as part of our POS software, every operator can effectively have a beautiful website, linking through to an online ordering portal designed to maximise sales.”

It’s not just Onvi’s customer-facing platform which has had a glow-up as part of the software update. Onvi has also made significant changes to make it easier than ever for business owners to stay on top of orders. These include tabbing, an improved orders screen making it simple to filter down to just the orders requiring attention, and a ticket-based KDS so operators can see all new orders in a clean, easy to read format, even in the busiest bars and kitchens.

Onvi has also added flexibility in how tickets print along with customer receipts. It’s now possible to connect up to six printers to each iPad running the Onvi Serve software. This allows operators to route jobs only where they are needed, sending tickets to different printers based on menu categories.

Boström concludes, “We’re committed to building the best POS platform for independent, innovative hospitality businesses. One that’s intuitive, looks slick and is backed up with first-rate customer support. These new features, and those in our not too distant pipeline, mean we’re confident we’re bringing the tools hospitality owners need to start and grow their businesses.”


*Source: ICSTD

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