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New ChatGPT Add-in for Outlook Launched

UK Software Development company, Blueberry Consultants, has released a free Add-in for Microsoft Outlook, which allows users to experiment with ChatGPT within Outlook.

Millions of people around the world have found ChatGPT to be an incredibly powerful tool – but until now it was difficult to harness this power inside the most commonly used text-processing application we all use.

The new Add-in by Blueberry allows users to configure custom prompts to run ChatGPT on selected email or new email.

To help people make the most of ChatGPT within Outlook, the Add-in has the following main capabilities:

– ChatGPT can be run on all emails, or just emails matching a specific prompt criterion. For example, this might be used to summarise the text.
– The output can be shown in a separate panel to the right of the original email.
– When composing an email, buttons can be configured to run ChatGPT on the selected text with specific prompts, and the output text can be used to replace the original text. For example, a user can configure a button which improves the grammar or translates selected text into French.
– The Add-in can update the email’s importance, based on the generated output (e.g., flagging it as high priority or marking it as important).
– The Add-in can manage multiple configurations for different types of emails or scenarios – with each configuration having its own set of conditions, prompts, and display preferences.

CEO of Blueberry, Martin Green, said: “ChatGPT has rocked the world. We know that there are plans to include ChatGPT functionality in Outlook, but many people can’t wait – or want to experiment with their own prompts. We decided to create a tool to let them experiment and harness the full power of this technology.

“The Add-in doesn’t come pre-configured with any prompts out of the box. This is because the tool is targeted at people who will absolutely want to write their own prompts. They can experiment with using different prompts and be as creative as they want.

“Using your own custom prompts, you can streamline everyday email tasks – such as automatically summarising or highlighting important emails to help you quickly identify and prioritise messages.”

So, why is Blueberry giving it away free?

“Because we hope you like it enough to ask for a custom version to be made for your specific needs,” said Martin.

Blueberry can create a version of the Add-in for customers wanting their own custom prompts for their 365 domains, as well as develop a version of the Add-in that customers can resell, featuring their own unique prompts.

For full instructions on how to download and install the free ChatGPT Outlook Add-in, go to

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