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New Book Takes on Adichie’s Birdsong

New Book takes on Adichie’s Birdsong:

The First London reading of The Condom and Other Stories promises excitement and clapback

Peter Chika’s book of literary fiction, The Condom and Other Stories, is set for its first public reading, at Pitanga London, this weekend. A highlight of the event promises to be the story, “Headstrong,” a tongue-in-cheek reply to “Birdsong” by Chimamanda Adichie which was published in The New Yorker.

But The Condom and Other Stories is much more than the hip-hop-style clapback to Adichie’s spurned Lagos woman ruminating darkly on an affair with a married man. It is a fresh and entertaining collection of short stories on relationships and encounters, love, and life in contemporary African society.

Laced with humor and lively dialogue, the book kicks off fittingly with the title story in which a philandering lawyer is driven to his wits’ end after his wife finds a condom in his clothes. The story happens in London over a rainy day and ends with a delicious twist. This sets the tone for much of the treasure trove that follows, with colorful characters, conflicted moralities and cunning schemes coming together to produce amusing outcomes.

The London reading of The Condom and Other Stories is set for 6.00pm on Saturday, May 21, 2022, at the Pitanga Restaurant, 220 North End Road, in West London. London’s premium mix master, DJ Abass, will provide the music and visuals.

“There is no dull moment in the book, so we’re not surprised that the event sold out almost immediately we announced it,” commented Nky Iweka, the proprietor of Pitanga, who jokingly refers to herself as Executive Mama-put.

Houston-residing Peter Chika has previously won writing prizes for non-fiction, including at the Amex Review Awards and in the Shell/Economist Prize. He heads to London on the back of delivering a paper on Sexuality, Subterfuge and Subversion at this year’s African Literature Association Conference on Thursday, May 19, 2022.



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