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New app set to revolutionise leadership learning

Leadership development experts The Conscious Leadership Company have launched a new app that will help leaders develop themselves in an easy and continuous way, improving how they lead themselves and their teams.

The launch of the Consciously app comes at a critical juncture as the business world changes. Following the 2020 pandemic, it’s never been more important for senior leaders to put wellbeing and self-care at the fore of their relationships with employees.

A recent Deloitte Canada and Lifeworks study underlined the need to support and prepare leaders through ongoing challenging times. The research found that “82% of senior leaders reported experiencing exhaustion <and> a full 50% of leaders with seniority also contemplated exiting their roles, resigning, retiring, taking a leave of absence, or moving to part-time work.” Amid the Great Resignation, these startling stats cannot be ignored. What must the C-suite do to place wellbeing and conscious leadership at the heart of business planning and future-proofing?

The Consciously app uses content, deep reflection questions, and experiments drawn from TCLC’s proprietary Conscious Leadership model to help leaders build awareness of themselves and others. Allowing them to learn how to lead in a modern context, identify thinking and behaviour that is holding them back and monitor stress and trigger points, the app functions as an on-demand, instantly accessible ‘coach in my pocket.’

With 57% of leaders saying they struggle to provide support to their team, and businesses worldwide struggling to retain staff at all levels, companies need to adopt a new approach to both how they lead and how they support managers and other senior executives. This is particularly important when Gallup estimates that managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores across business units.

Natasha Wallace, founder, and CEO at The Conscious Leadership Company, said, “Leaders need to be supported as much as employees, yet often their development is, relegated to occasional workshop events, which rarely lead to real behavioural change. In reality, being a leader is a constant learning process. That’s why we’ve launched Consciously, to embed the behaviours leaders need to evolve as individuals and support their teams in a more conscious, ultimately more effective, way. When organisations are led consciously, thriving cultures are created, and performance can flow. With such a great focus on culture change and the rebuilding of connection over the next couple of years, organisations that place consciousness at the heart of change will yield positive results.”

Validated by academics from the University College London (UCL), Conscious Leader Psychometric helps leaders to pinpoint which areas of wellbeing and performance need to be improved, helping them develop as individuals and as a team, which works as a diagnostic precursor to using the Consciously app.

The app is on android and iOS as well as available on desktops.


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About The Conscious Leadership Company We’re The Conscious Leadership Company (TCLC for short), and we are passionate about helping leaders to be at their best. This is why we are disrupting the way that leadership development is done. We use tech to enable leaders to learn, reflect and track how they feel continuously, so they can do the best possible job – and feel good while they do it. Our CEO, Natasha Wallace, founded TCLC after years of supporting leaders to build performance in their teams. Natasha saw that there was a way for teams to sustain their performance and wellbeing but that leaders needed to be ‘conscious’ in order for that to happen. Conscious leadership was born out of a need to give leaders the knowledge and awareness they need to lead themselves and the people around them to thrive in the modern workplace.

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