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Mr. Right Now for valentine’s day

It has been said that just when we stop looking, someone will appear. Shortly
after the previous breakup, my dear friend’s brother called and asked if he could
make dinner for me. Something was different about this one. Somewhere
between having guilt over sex and no more guilt over sex, I finally had permission
to just have some fun.

On my way to dinner that night, I remember calling my
friends and telling them I was no longer looking for Mr. Right. I was looking for
Mr. Right Now. Lucky guy.

Dinner was wonderful. I still remember the shrimp fettuccine he prepared.
Dinner progressed to making out, which a few dates later turned into sex, this
time without guilt, which turned into dating, which turned into great parties with
loved ones, cake fights, laughter, and fun unlike anything I had ever experienced
before. We attended transformational classes together, eventually lived together,
got engaged and then married.

Mr. Right Now ended up being Mr. Right after all. I felt extremely fortunate to
spend many years together enjoying each other’s company. To love and be loved
in a way I never had before, and even believing I had found my soulmate.

Much later, I realized that there is more than one soul mate for each of us. As a
matter a fact, there are quite a few soul mates, and they take on many different
forms. They can be our best friends, our lovers, and even some of our families
and teachers.



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