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Mens Watch Microbrand Baltany launches in the UK

In 2010, two watch enthusiasts Balci and Tanyka began designing watches for up and coming microbrands. They used their network of designers and knowledge of the best watch manufacturs in China to create winning designs, with excellent quality assurance and low prices. They soon realised they could better execute their vision better by creating their own microbrand and 2 years ago Baltany was born.

Baltany reimagines classic watch designs from the past, to create vintage charm with modern manufacturing and quality. The brand quickly took of in China and began to make waves around the world.

This year Baltany partnered with a UK based watch enthusiast, Joe Marshall to launch Baltany to the UK market. Joe has said “We believe the quality and price of these beautiful retro watches are unmatched in the market, and we’re proud to be able to offer affordable, expertly crafted watches to discerning and stylish customers in the UK.”

The brand is gaining a cult following in the UK, with much more affordable prices than some of the big names in the watch world – but with features you wouldn’t expect at the price such as sapphire glass, self-winding movements & beautiful detailing on both the cases and dial.

The smaller sizes are another draw – most watches are 36mm diameter – going against the trend for larger watches to capture a vintage look.

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