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Menopause expert Meera Bhogal shares her personal menopause story in new bestseller

Menopause influencer Meera Bhogal has joined a team of menopause experts and case studies to contribute to the menopause doctor Dr. Louise Newson’s new book The Definitive Guide to Perimenopause and Menopause, which has already hit the Sunday Times bestseller list.

The indispensable new guide combines research, guidance, and case studies, and menopause expert Meera Bhogal was thrilled to be involved to share her own unique story of perimenopause and menopause.

As a key menopause advocate, Meera is passionate about raising awareness of menopause, particularly in South Asian communities where it is still often considered taboo. After entering perimenopause aged 40, Meera struggled to be taken seriously by doctors and those around her and embarked on a health and fitness journey to better manage her symptoms.

This fuelled her ambition to talk more openly about menopause with those around her and to ensure all experiences are properly represented. As part of this, Meera regularly delivers free menopause training, developed a new non-profit menopause coffee morning and her holistic menopause programme Don’t Pause for Menopause, as well as specific training for workplaces to best support staff going through menopause.

Meera also shares regular menopause tips on her Instagram (@meerabhogal), along with her popular menopause workouts as Meera is also a qualified fitness coach. Meera’s important work also led her to be invited to parliament last year to discuss menopause as part of the APPG Parliamentary inquiry on menopause.

“I am so thrilled to be featured in this brilliant book which I can’t recommend enough. Sharing my story and my menopause journey is something I am doing because I want to play my part in ensuring no woman has to suffer as I did-no woman should ever feel alone during menopause. Being featured in the book is such a pinch-me moment and this book will help so many women experiencing perimenopause and menopause. The more educated we all are about menopause the more we will be able to navigate our way through this time and also bring about changes needed within society” says Meera Bhogal.


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About Meera Bhogal Meera Bhogal is a menopause influencer and expert, who runs a successful 8-week guided menopause programme. Meera is on hand to offer expert commentary on women’s health and menopause, along with fitness and nutrition advice For more information, please email [email protected].

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