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Learn to outsmart your competition with BBSA expert branding guide

Global outsourcing Marketing Agency BBSA has launched a free guide to help small businesses ensure brand consistency and beat their competition

Today, consumers have access to a range of technologies and digital platforms, using  computers, smartphones, tablets, and televisions on a daily basis. Businesses must utilize a multi-channel approach to accommodate the modern  user experience and customize their marketing strategies accordingly to maximize engagement.

Ensuring brand consistency across multiple channels, however, can be a challenge.

BBSA has created a comprehensive guide that explains everything from creating a strategy to ensure consistency, streamlining content creation, brand architecture, and finally, how to monitor and measure your brand activity. But why should a business worry about consistency in the first place? Anna Stella, CEO of BBSA and award winning marketing expert, explains:

“Brand consistency is crucial to obtaining consumer trust, enhancing connectivity, and allowing consumers to recognize and remember it more distinctively. Consistency helps portray the brand more clearly, allowing consumers to develop associations with products, services, and the company.”

The first step to brand consistency is a content audit. How does your brand internally communicate your company’s culture and values? How does it appear externally across all advertising and marketing materials? And finally how is the consumer experience when interacting with your sales and customer support processes? Anna elaborates, saying:

“The degree of alignment between marketing communication and content, as well as identifying content quality strengths and weaknesses, are detailed. By measuring your customer satisfaction and how your audience sees your brand over time, a brand audit benchmarks your success against that of your competitors.”

Once an audit has been performed, BBSA’s guide explains creating a strategy for ensuring brand consistency while streamlining content creation. However, this is easier said than done, as creating quality content requires a deep understanding of your audiences, budgets, efforts, and time. Anna says, “growing brands need content. The success of content marketing lies in fresh, appropriate, and immediate content. It has to be better than good; it has to be great.

Once an audit has been performed, a strategy for ensuring consistency created, and a method of streamlining content implemented, the last step is monitoring and measuring your brand activity: click-through rates, traffic, and conversions through social shares, mentions, and backlinks provide insight into how well your brand is performing and should not be ignored.

To develop your brand consistency strategy and learn more, download BBSA’s free guide.

About BBSA 

BBSA was founded in 2012 by Anna Stella, a multi award-winning professional and academic with global marketing experience. With a strong background in services marketing, B2C, B2B, and nonprofit, Anna has a proven ability to lead marketing, business development, and product initiatives that deliver major revenue growth. Anna started her career at Volkswagen AG in Germany and had worked on over 2,000 marketing projects to date.

BBSA has been helping businesses grow and expand since 2012. Their legacy continues to thrive through innovative marketing – constantly creating new ways for clients to develop their business activities. Their experts in marketing work fluidly across 8 offices in 7 countries.

With over 2100 clients, they work equally well with small businesses and larger organisations. They have experience working with many key market sectors across the United States, Australia, and Europe and we are specialised in delivering a full range of marketing services.



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