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JustCarbon helps SMEs support race to net zero

Easy route for businesses to offset carbon emissions 

Climate-conscious companies are increasingly feeling the pressure to step up the pace in the Race to Net Zero.

But for some that will be a tough exercise. No matter how great their intentions and practical efforts to cut emissions, they will continue to produce carbon that impacts the climate.

That goal of net zero – putting no more carbon into the atmosphere than you’re taking out of it – can seem unattainable to a small business. But, instead of striving for the impossible, the solution is to offset the carbon that absolutely can’t be reduced, says JustCarbon, a blockchain carbon credit marketplace.

“With COP27 just around the corner and a keenness for politicians to take more action to tackle the climate emergency,businesses will, in time, have to make the leap into making a real commitment as part of the evolutionary low carbon economy,” stresses Adrian Rimmer, JustCarbon co-founder. “Because what you do, no matter how small your business, can make a real difference to the planet.

“However, we understand that it is still a voluntary decision and it may be very difficult to address unavoidable carbon emissions that occur even with emissions-reducing techniques. This is where alternatives come into play, for example engaging another organisation to purchase carbon credits that help fund capture carbon elsewhere through things like tree-planting projects to support carbon sequestration.”

Not only do opportunities like this reduce net emissions, they can also produce benefits in other ways, like improving biodiversity and people’s livelihoods. Nature-based carbon offsets that are certified and verified ensure positive effects on climate change mitigation.

Adrian Rimmer continues: “Businesses should understand that not all carbon offsets are the same. Some are poor quality and have limited or negative impacts. Equally, continuing a ‘business as usual’ approach, while purchasing offsets without a combined emissions reduction strategy is equally as detrimental and could be seen as greenwashing.”

JustCarbon, which supports the UK government’s partnership with business and climate group, the UK Business Climate Hub, offers businesses a simple, straightforward way to take meaningful action to offset their climate impact through the purchase of high quality, nature-based carbon credits. Converting carbon credits to JustCarbon Removal Units (JCRs) and making these available for sale, provides climate project developers with a simple and accessible way of monetising their carbon removal activities.

“Small businesses account for 99% of UK enterprises so the potential for meaningful change is enormous. Our aim is to encourage more and more to take practical action on climate change as, collectively, the individual actions of many companies can be transformational.” Ended Adrian Rimmer.

The UN’s ambition to combat global warming requires emissions to reduce by 45% by 2030 and to reach net zero by 2050. The UK Business Climate Hub has advice, tools and resources to help companies cut their carbon emissions, including how to offset those that cannot be reduced.

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JustCarbon is a blockchain-based carbon marketplace, where carbon emissions can be mitigated with the purchase of JustCarbon Removal tokens (JCR). One JCR token equates to exactly one tonne of carbon removed from the atmosphere, verified to the highest international standards. Buyers, consumers or wholesalers can retire, sell or purchase more JCRs, and most importantly offset their historic or future carbon impact. The platform is administered by the JustCarbon DAO, which is operated and controlled by the JustCarbon Governance token (JCG) holders, tokens being distributed over a 10 year period primarily for participation and use of the system.

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