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Introducing the NGU Nottsbase Cricket System

Notts Sport, a leader in sports artificial surfacing, proudly introduces, into its range, the NGU NottsBase Cricket System, an innovative solution designed to enhance cricket performance. This revolutionary system advances cricket training and matches, offering players, coaches, and clubs help to improve their game.

The NGU NottsBase Cricket System is a cutting-edge solution developed to optimise cricket performance on match pitches and practice areas. With a focus on pitch consistency, and player experience, the system offers many benefits for today’s cricket.

Key features of the NGU NottsBase Cricket System include:

  1. Performance Technology: With this system, players can expect consistent bounce and ball behaviour from the unique performance pad, enabling them to focus on their game rather than adjusting to unpredictable pitch conditions.
  2. Weather Resilience: The performance pad, positioned wicket to wicket beneath the shockpad, is designed to withstand moisture, so it helps control pace and bounce consistency.
  3. Advanced Turf: The NGU NottsBase Cricket System incorporates a top surface called NottsGrass Ultra, an innovative grass that enhances pitch durability to promote reduced wear and tear, more consistent play and extended pitch life.

“Shaun Patrick, Chairman of Notts Sport, said, “The NGU NottsBase Cricket System is a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of sports surface technology. We are proud to contribute to the evolution of cricket by providing groundkeepers, players, and teams with a system that enhances the overall cricket experience.”

Notts Sport’s NGU NottsBase Cricket System represents a significant leap forward in cricket pitch technology, ensuring that practice areas and pitches are of the highest quality, consistent performance, and resilience, regardless of weather conditions. With its innovative features and commitment to excellence, the system is an essential component of cricket venues worldwide.

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Notts Sport is a globally recognised leader in designing and supplying innovative sports surfacing solutions. With a commitment to quality, sustainability, Notts Sport has established itself as a trusted partner for a wide range of sports facilities worldwide.

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