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Introducing the IZZO Pompei Commercial Espresso Machine

With its vintage design, fully in-keeping with Neapolitan coffee tradition, the IZZO Pompei commercial espresso machine range is the best choice if you are a demanding coffee culture enthusiast in the UK who wants to serve the best espresso based drinks, whether a latte or a flat white, to your  discerning coffee customers.

With market leading features including automatic water level regulation, a gas option (dual fuel) for stand-alone coffee service at festivals and events for example and offering the very best coffee extraction which is the base for all espresso based drinks, all supplied, installed and supported by Qualitasse Coffee Roasters.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “pulling the shot”, this is where it comes from – with a lever espresso machine the barista literally pulls the handle to compress a spring which then forces the water through the ground coffee to extract all the flavours and oils, and the barista can also control this to further affect the resulting extraction. An additional benefit with a lever machine is there is no regular backwashing required because there is no need for the three way valve used in electronic / automatic machines.

Qualitasse have been providing high quality coffee since 1982, starting off providing filter coffee to a handful of local customers in the Hampshire area, growing to a company serving customers from East London to Bristol, Southampton to Milton Keynes with it’s own in-house roastery (come and visit), it’s own compostable take-away cup making machine (you could see that in action too!) offering cups with the lowest carbon footprint in the UK and well over 500 coffee and tea related product lines in their warehouse for immediate delivery.

If you currently run, or are thinking about starting, a coffee business and need equipment and supplies, Qualitasse are happy to chat through the options and put together a package to suit you.  Whether you are looking for some alternative coffee beans, need a new grinder, or would like the whole starter package, with espresso machine (lever or otherwise), grinder, knock box, tamper, water treatment unit, coffee beans, installation and training…. (phew!)…. Qualitasse have the experience to help you.

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