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Imburse partners with Sapiens to provide access to the global payments ecosystem

Imburse, a cloud-based payment middleware, are pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Sapiens International Corporation, a leading global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry to enable Sapiens’ customers to easily connect with any payment provider or technology of their choice, for both collections and pay-outs.

The partnership provides numerous benefits, including complete payment coverage and accessibility for collections and pay-outs in any market, enablement of multi-tenant architecture, and cost reductions in integrating with payment providers and technologies. Sapiens’ customers are now able to benefit from Imburse’s middleware solution through their Sapiens tooling.

“Getting payments right is vital for the customer experience as well as business efficiencies. It is the one capability that creates a significant amount of costs and resource drain for insurers. Sapiens deliver a low-code platform for enabling insurers to digitise and improve their customer experience. At Imburse, we simplify how insurers deploy payment capabilities for collections and payouts. The combined capabilities of Sapiens and Imburse will enable insurers to connect to the global payments ecosystem through one single connection giving customers more choice in how they pay and receive claim payouts.” said Oliver Werneyer, Co-founder and CEO of Imburse.

Sapiens International Corporation empowers the financial sector, with a focus on insurance, to transform and become digital, innovative, and agile. Backed by 40 years of industry expertise, Sapiens offers a complete insurance platform, with pre-integrated, low-code solutions and a cloud-first approach that accelerates customers’ digital transformation.

“We’re delighted to be able to partner with Imburse and offer our customers the benefit from Imburse’s middleware solution through our unique tooling feature. We are striving to constantly improve premium and settlement capabilities an even more streamlined customer experience, and this partnership with Imburse is bringing us one step closer to transforming the insurance industry as a whole” said Amanda Ingram, Propositions, Alliances & Ecosystem Manager of Sapiens.

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