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How to Keep Your Employees Safe as a Business Owner

Employee safety is, and should be, the chief concern of any business owner – something especially true for owners of trade businesses. Employee health can be impacted in a number of ways, and your response as a business can have ramifications for reputation and finances alike. How can you ensure your employees are kept safe?

Health and Safety Policy

Drafting a comprehensive health and safety policy is a crucial undertaking for any business, for a variety of reasons. Doing so can ensure a robust ‘safety net’ of regulations and requirements, that seriously mitigate the risk of injury on premises. This can have knock-on impacts on legal and financial matters, too.

Where a risk of head injury exists on-site, there is the possibility of injured employees holding the business accountable in brain injury claims. Solid policies, including comprehensive risk assessments of workplace hazards and appropriate best-practice systems for employees to follow, can minimise the risk of this occurring – and also help make a strong case for personal liability over business liability.

Training and PPE

Any good health and safety policy need to be shored up by tangible investment in employer – and employee – compliance. As such, regular training represents a strong opportunity to instil the importance of health and safety into your business’ workforce, while ensuring every member of staff has the same information and skills to approach hazardous situations.

Another tangible investment is in the form of personal protective equipment, or PPE – which businesses are legally obliged to supply free of charge to employees. Understanding which PPE is required can only be achieved through rigorous following of health and safety policy, demonstrating an above-and-beyond commitment to keeping staff safe.

Business Insurance

A perfect health and safety framework would ideally result in the complete elimination of workplace injuries and incidents. In the real world, however, this is highly unlikely. Human error and unpredictable failures can result in injuries of many kinds, making it all the more important for a business to be reactive as well as proactive.

A proactive act with reactive benefits is the purchasing of business insurance. The right insurance scheme can help soak up the costs caused by downtime or equipment repairs, and can also shield the business from any costs arising from liability pay-outs. This works both ways – an injured employee can be kept on-staff and properly catered for via funding from insurance, ensuring their recovery – and their job – is safe.

Mental Health

Physical injuries are not the only risks faced by employees in a business, though. There is also a large mental health aspect to consider, that can have a drastic impact on your team and on the business as a whole. Stress has become an overwhelmingly common mental condition, with the Labour Force Survey revealing that well over 800,000 reported workplace-related stress, anxiety or depression.

A generous sick-day policy and positive company culture can help sufferers feel visible, and empower them to manage their own workload and health without stigma. A progressive approach to workload and working hours can also be revolutionary in this regard.

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