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Head of Guest Data Science and Core Product at Airbnb, Claire Lebarz to share insights at AI Summit

Head of Guest Data Science and Core Product at Airbnb, Claire Lebarz will share insights on how knowledge graphs can help businesses achieve Enterprise AI at The AI Summit in June.

The headline AI event of London Tech Week, The AI Summit will be returning in June and game-changing world leaders of applied AI who will be speaking as part of this year’s programme have been announced.

Head of Guest Data Science and Core Product at Airbnb, Claire Lebarz leads data science for the core product team at Airbnb (site & app, from search to the real life guest experience). She has 10+ years of experience in data engineering, analytics, inference and advanced modelling.

Claire’s particular area of interest are building high impact data teams, empowering minorities in tech and establishing ethical data practices.

Claire will be exploring: Knowledge Graphs and Machine Learning – Connecting the Dots Between the Data World and The Business World in a More Effective Way on Thursday, June 16, 2022.

Claire will share her leading industry insight on how to get started with knowledge graphs and machine learning to achieve Enterprise AI, whilst sharing real world examples and case studies of how organisations are obtaining fast insights.

The talk during The AI Summit London will focus primarily on what knowledge graphs are, and what solutions they can provide for your organisation. It will cover what the building blocks are, from both a design and technology perspective, that will allow your organisation to succeed.

Claire Lebarz said: “I am looking forward to the summit and meeting many interesting people from the industry. I’m excited to talk about graph machine learning, this is the future of ML in my opinion.

“People often think graphs are limited to social graphs and only useful for companies like Facebook or LinkedIn. I’ll share many other valuable use cases and share recent advances in the field that make it a very powerful tool.”

The AI Summit London – a two-day celebration of emerging technology – will play host to some of the biggest movers, shakers and policy makers in applied AI, Attendees will meet the speakers and hear their success stories, giving delegates the inspiration and insight necessary to bring any AI road-map to life.

Bringing together a cross section of the global AI community, The AI Summit London supports CEOs, CTOs, AI experts, data scientists, technologists, engineers and policy makers. The event programme aims to provide accurate, unbiased information that supports the development of corporate strategy and enhances AI activation for businesses.

Held at London’s Tobacco Dock on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 June,

The AI Summit London is where commercial AI comes to life. The event is supported by tech innovators and global authorities, driven by powerful use-cases from world-business leaders.

About The AI Summit London – The first AI events were aimed solely at research and academic audiences. The founders behind The AI Summit noticed this and sought to create a more inclusive event for enterprises. In 2015, The AI Summit was launched,

Now, there are four conferences and exhibitions running annually in London, Singapore, Austin, and New York City.


Annually, these events bring together over 15,000 representatives from the world’s leading organisations, supported by IBM, Microsoft, AWS, Google, Meta, Accenture, and Intel, among others.





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Claire Lebarz from Airbnb will be talking at The AI Summit, London in June.

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