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Fear of Failure Stops Half of U.K. Workers from Making Important Decisions

Fear of failure is paralysing decision making amongst half of U.K. workers, according to findings from O.C. Tanner’s 2022 Global Culture Report. The report analysed the perspectives of over 38,000 employees and leaders from 21 countries around the world including over 2,500 from the U.K.

52 per cent of U.K. employees admit that they are so fearful of being wrong that it severely hinders them from making important decisions at work.  The impact of inaction includes businesses stagnating and lost innovation opportunities.

“Fear of failure is not unusual, however it can be particularly dominant in organisations that employ ‘old school’ leadership practices”, says Robert Ordever, European MD of workplace culture expert, O.C. Tanner. “In such businesses, the leadership team is trusted to make the decisions, the staff then have to implement these decisions and the measure of success comes down to avoiding failure.”

In organisations that nurture modern leadership practices in which leaders advocate for their people and employees are trusted to take risks and learn from every experience, then ‘fear of failure’ is less likely to stifle decision making. In such companies, leaders also model the right behaviours around failure, admitting to their mistakes and treating every unsuccessful experience as a learning opportunity.

The report suggests that more needs to be done by organisations to tackle how ‘failure’ is perceived and dealt with, with a third of U.K. workers (33 per cent) stating that their leaders don’t deal well with failure. A similar number (32 per cent) reveal that when their leader makes a mistake they don’t admit to it. Just under half (48 per cent), highlight that their organisation treats failure as a positive learning opportunity.

Ordever says, “It’s important to alter the conversation around failure, and demonstrate from the very top of the business down, that failure is both a permitted and welcomed part of an innovation culture. You can’t expect employees to innovate and experiment if failure is frowned-upon and criticised. The sooner leaders realise this, the more likely they’ll be to drive idea generation and prevent their organisations from standing still!”


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Fear of failure is hampering decision making

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About O.C. Tanner’s 2022 Global Culture Report The O.C. Tanner Institute uses multiple research methods to support the Global Culture Report, including interviews, focus groups, cross-sectional surveys, and a longitudinal survey. Qualitative findings came from 16 focus groups and 85 interviews among employees and leaders of larger organisations. Each group represented various types of employers, including both private and public entities. Quantitative findings came from online survey interviews administered to employees across Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The total sample size is 38,177 workers at companies with 500+ employees, including 2,527 from the U.K. About O.C. Tanner O.C. Tanner is the global leader in software and services that improve workplace culture through meaningful employee experiences. Its Culture Cloud is a suite of apps and solutions, including recognition, service awards, wellbeing, leadership, and celebrations that help people thrive at work. O.C. Tanner provides these and other services for thousands of the most respected companies in the world. For more information visit

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