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“Faster than a calculator” Glasgow-based mathematics programme celebrates 1,000th student

Schoolchildren around the world are learning a new way to calculate sums thanks to Supermaths

Supermaths is an online tuition programme that teaches kids an alternative and highly effective approach to arithmetic. Run by the British Youth International College (BYITC) since 2015, the course has now welcomed its 1,000th student.

Ten-year-old Ryan Mohanty has already made swift progress with his mental maths skills thanks to the course’s innovative methods, which centre around the use of an ancient and humble tool – the Abacus.

He said: “It’s really fun to learn Abacus with Supermaths, because the teachers will motivate, inspire and help you throughout your journey.

“I have discovered that I am capable of working out the answer to a sum before my dad can hit enter on his calculator.”

Supermaths was founded by Glasgow-based software developer turned entrepreneur Dr Rashmi Mantri. Upon noticing her own son was struggling with simple maths questions, Rashmi began teaching him using an Abacus.

The improvement in his mathematic ability was remarkable, and fellow parents were eager to help their children achieve the same success. Rashmi started offering in-person tuition classes in Glasgow and Edinburgh, before eventually creating the BYITC as an online school to accommodate growing demand.

Rashmi said: “We have created a fun and engaging way of learning. The Abacus is widely accepted as a most versatile tool to train your brain for mathematical calculations involving huge numbers. With it, kids can learn to calculate faster than with a calculator.”

Parents like Ryan’s have been just as happy to see their children excel in arithmetic. According to Usha and Pradipta Mohanty, the Supermaths programme has really boosted their son’s confidence.

They said: “Our decision to enrol Ryan at Supermaths is one of our best yet! We are super proud to see him do complex calculations with lightning speed and accuracy. The course provides the right foundation in terms of skills and work ethic and prepares him well for his higher education ahead.”

They added: “The team makes maths so much fun that Ryan finishes his homework every single day with a smile.”

The BYITC now offers educational programmes from English to cyber security to a cohort of pupils across the globe. The original Supermaths course remains one of the most popular. Aimed at school children between the ages of 5 and 14, it offers both an 11-level junior and 8-level senior track.

Pupils take part in online teacher-led tutorials and activities aimed at enhancing a variety of skills like memory, concentration, analysis and logical reasoning – all with help from the world’s first digital Abacus maths learning application.

Ryan said: “The best part is it is very simple. Supermaths has really enhanced my mathematical skills – now, I’m able to solve the toughest of sums with ease.

“I am glad that I joined Supermaths and I thank Dr Rashmi and my teachers for helping me out!”

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