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Entrepreneur launches company aiming to be the Tripadvisor of the sales sector

A business entrepreneur, fed up with the bad reputation salespeople get, has launched a new company likened to the Tripadvisor of sales called Sales Made Easy. Salespeople across the world will be rated by consumers, scored based on performance, and gain accreditations when courses are completed. The move by owner Kevin Hayler aims to see the sector looked upon more favourably as a career choice, the quality of sales improved, and the current recruitment process become extinct. Nothing of this format and scale currently exists for the sector.

The difference between Sales Made Easy and others in the market offering sales training is that Sales Made Easy holds each person accountable for their learning, in an open way. Other courses only offer the training and hope that attendees take action, but Sales Made Easy bridges that gap. Customer feedback and accreditations are a must for the sales profile that will be available for recruiters and business owners to see, so there is no hiding place for underperforming salespeople. This also makes it easier to hire the right person, at the right price because the rankings will be easy to navigate.

The accreditations will be earned based on course passes and results, as well as direct feedback and reviews from their own customers.

Kevin Hayler, founder and director, Sales Made Easy has invested £250k over the last two years getting the right people and high standard of programmes in place. He said: “In a nutshell each salesperson will be rated out of five stars with customer comments and testimonials visible to see. That score and ranking list will be publicly available to members who search a name, from clients, recruiters, customers and everyone in between.  Salespeople will be motivated to keep improving their score to earn more money and progress ambitiously, and businesses and recruiters will have a clearer measure on how good a salesperson actually is.

“This concept came about because I was sick of hiring mediocre salespeople, because as you imagine, most of them interviewed very well! Once in the role, I found teams of salespeople operating on very different levels of execution, so turnover of staff was high, targets weren’t being met, and interviewing became a hard process to judge performance.

“I wanted to create a way of making the sector of sales an appealing one to enter, one that clearly demonstrates a person’s success rate, and one that will inevitably end the standard interview process. It’s my goal to see businesses and recruiters simply hiring based on our sales profile scores/rankings, so they know they’re getting the best salesperson for the amount of money they have to spend on recruitment.

“It’s my long-term goal to change the world’s perception of sales and get rid of its ‘dirty’ perception. It’s a highly-skilled sector and one that should be recognised positively.”

The Sales Made Easy community has four levels of membership and five levels of training. Ranging from an ‘Entry’ level membership which is free to join, up to the ‘Accelerate’ level, which costs as little as a takeaway coffee a day, it is encouraged that members grow with the levels as they progress. Membership includes access to webinars, coaching sessions, global community forums and events as well as sales profiles, learning programmes and ultimately a sales rating recognised globally.

Sonja Becker, Sales & Business Development Manager, Zortify, was one of the programme testers ahead of the launch said: “What I personally like at Sales Made Easy is that it is ‘not just another’ sales training that trains us how to make quick profit at any cost. It is much more than that. Kevin and his team of sales experts focus with their human centric approach on building relationships, knowledge, trust and on empathy, which I personally think is key to build long-term customer relations. Also, to cap off excellent videos and content, the learnings are all captured on a weekly call with coaching to solidify what we have been taught. This is unique and something that has really connected the theory with the practical. Congrats to this excellent sales training platform which really helps to make sales easy.”

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