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“Encuentros atemporales” (Timeless Encounters) presents a combination of new artists sharing exhibition with five Marlborough artists in a confluence of ideas without direct influences or hierarchical structures

Art is the result of a long discussion in time in which several interlocutors are involved: the artist, the artists who preceded them in time, those who accompany them and, finally, the spectator.

Galería Marlborough Madrid has surpassed three decades of uninterrupted activity, during which it has taken a special interest in Spanish art and artists. “Encuentros Atemporales” aims to be a conducive element for that conversation to show its perpetual face in an active present.

Five of the gallery’s most veteran artists (Luis Gordillo Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Soledad Sevilla, Alfonso Albacete, and Francisco Leiro) establish a dialogue with almost twenty artists from different generations in an exhibition that is both a conjunction of shared ideas as well as a testimony of their permanence.

Just as in popular music there are songs with the same title that deal with similar or different subjects, but whose final melody is as distinguishable as it is differentiated, so it happens with the works in this exhibition.

Artists not related to the gallery that participate in the show do so both as a constellation around those represented by Marlborough, and from their singular protagonism, with no direct influences or hierarchical lines, or at least it is not the curator’s intention, that can be inferred in any way.

The constant use and manipulation of the image has been the backbone of Luis Gordillo’s work. It defines in a certain way the very possibility of artistic existence of the image. Painters as different as Pere Llobera, Nacho Martín Silva and Jorge Diezma dedicate their work to this same game, with its ruptures with the conventional and its references to history, in such different ways, but with a certain common background.

The relation between science and less conventional artistic practice has characterized the work of Juan Navarro Baldeweg from the late sixties until well into the seventies.

This relationship has been explored both from the elements of nature by other artists such as Juan del Junco and Rubén Ramos Balsa, and also from its urban aspects, by others such as Juan López. From a slightly different angle, we can mention the sophisticated processes that lead to the achievement of Leonor Serrano Rivas’ pieces.

The permanence of abstraction, understood in its broadest sense, is the hallmark of Soledad Sevilla. An abstraction that attends to the formal elements developed over a century, as well as to the argumentative ones, in most cases linked to the natural elements, even landscape, in the works of Arancha Goyeneche and Vicky Uslé.

Other examples address issues that could be considered philosophical or anthropological, as in the cases of Cristina Lucas and Sara Ramo.

One of the many crucial axis on which Alfonso Albacete’s work has pivoted has been the direct relationship between painting and the history of genres. The works of Julia Santa Olalla, Rasmus Nilausen and Guillermo Mora also reflect, in a wider sense, this reaction to the proposals of reality and to the different possibilities of reading it.

The persistence of the human figure, or the figure in its most varied meaning, in which the shadow of all the historical components of the ideas linked to its interpretation plays a determining role, is the strongest element of the sculptures and drawings of Francisco Leiro and MP & MP Rosado, but also of Juan Muñoz and Victoria Civera, Teresa Solar and Elena Alonso.

This exhibition is carried out in collaboration with: Alarcón Criado, Ayuntamiento de Pamplona, Bombon Projects, carlier | gebauer, Espacio Valverde, F2 Galería, Galería Alegría, Galería Juan Silió, Galería T20, House of Chappaz, Max Estrella, Moisés Pérez de Albéniz and Travesía Cuatro.

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Guillermo Mora. One week of study. 2022. Paper, acrylic, staples and DM. 204 x 147 x 21 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Galería Moisés Pérez de Albéniz

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