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Dome manufacture reports surge in investment from hotel brands

The glamping market is enjoying a surge in investment with the arrival of big hotel brands, according to British dome manufacturer, TruDomes.

The company, which operates globally, has experienced increased demand from hotel operators in Europe, Asia and North America looking to diversify their portfolio with open-air hospitality. Chain and boutique hotels are establishing glamping accommodation to compete for growing customer desire for the luxury outdoor experience.

TruDomes President and CEO, Kelda Bassett, said:

“Glamping has become an expanding segment of the hospitality industry in recent years, with a market size value of $2.78 billion in 2021 and with projected growth to nearly $6 billion by 2030. The hotel sector has recognised a post-pandemic craving to connect with nature and enjoy open spaces. Glamping serves that need while providing similar amenities to hotels. As a result, all kinds of brands are embracing the glamping concept, from high-end experiential resorts to more traditional hotel companies looking to evolve and enhance their offering. In recent years, we have seen the likes of Marriott, Summit Hotel Properties and Dan Hotels entering the market.”

TruDomes Vice President, Louise Stone, said:

“Hotel operators  have  recognised that glamping accommodation streamlines the planning process in comparison to traditional hospitality space and only requires a small initial investment to deliver a fast return and substantially boost profits. As a mobile unit which doesn’t have to be tied to a specific location, it also gives hotel owners and property managers flexibility in the management of their estates and assets. It can be transported, revamped  and repurposed at minimal cost and has an exit residual value on the second-hand market.”

Operating from a headquarters and factory in Nuneaton, Central England,  TruDomes supplies all-season geodesic domes which offer market-leading manufacturing quality including frames made from aircraft-grade aluminium. Established as one of the UK’s leading names in glamping accommodation, the company has expanded throughout continental Europe and launched a Utah-based North American operation in 2022 . Earlier this year, TruDomes established a new sales network in East Asia with the launch of a distribution partnership with Glamping Japan Co., Ltd.

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