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Design & Grow: business growth without sacrificing creativity

Life as a creative entrepreneur can be rewarding and fascinating, however, like with any business, there are challenges to overcome. According to government statistics, more than 1 in 8 businesses in the UK are part of the creative industries, but with the unpredictable global economy, creatives are having to spend more time and effort on growing their businesses, and less on what they love – creating.

Those who started businesses to follow their own ambitions often find themselves buried under admin and paperwork, trapped in their dream. Creative entrepreneur, profit guide and adventurous marketer, Artemis Doupa is on a mission to disrupt this cycle. She specialises in one-to-one coaching of visionary fashion and interior designers who want to grow their business and have an impact in their market while still doing what they love.

Artemis’ new book Design & Grow, details her signature six-step STORMS method to help creatives make money whilst also claiming back precious design time. Aimed at owners of established design businesses employing between three and twenty people, Design & Grow is based on Artemis’ own journey as an entrepreneur, designer, creative and mother who couldn’t bear to give up any of it.

Through Design & Grow, Artemis explores how to invest in winning teams, set up lasting business systems and build the right mindset as a creative entrepreneur. The book also covers marketing products and how to tweak a business to become more mindful and sustainable. Readers will gain clarity and understanding on where their energy and focus should be for company success, eliminating time and effort spent in the wrong places.

Design & Grow is an essential read for all designers and creatives and draws on Artemis’ decade of in-depth experience working with high-end brands, running several businesses and co-founding one of the UK’s leading digital textile printing companies, maake. For those running their own creative company but feeling overwhelmed, or those that want to better leverage their time to allow more opportunities for creativity, this book is invaluable.

Design & Grow is published by Rethink Press and available on Amazon.

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Artemis Doupa launches new book Design & Grow

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