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David Galea shares top insights for implementing successful digital programmes in his book ‘Digital Made Simple’

In a world focused on customer experience, digital transformation is higher on the agenda than ever before for business leaders. However, challenges associated with digital transformation are significant. Efficient planning can be complex, employee engagement low, and measurable results often take a long time or are hard to quantify. With over 80% of digital projects failing, according to research from Pulsepoint, businesses are seeking expert help in planning their digital transformation strategies.

When it comes to digital transformation, knowing what to do is simple. Doing it is not. It requires innovation, ingenuity, leadership, drive, and commitment, which are so often missing in digital programmes. Leaders need to understand the technological chaos around them and how this can be exploited to gain business advantage.

In Digital Made Simple, digital transformation expert David Galea draws on the real-life experiences and lessons which have shaped his career to help the reader understand making the implementation of transformation projects as simple, easy and painless as possible.

The book is divided into three sections to create a structure to help navigate digital journeys and connect human and machine. David begins by exploring how to develop digital mindfulness that requires an understanding of new patterns created through technological chaos alongside establishing a realistic digital baseline. Next, David presents some innovative and practical frameworks on how to shape a digital strategy and build internal agility so it continuously remains relevant. The final section addresses the delicate balance that needs to be achieved in coordinating the processes, people and technology that are so pivotal to implementing successful digital transformation agendas.

Digital Made Simple shows the reader how to leverage and exploit digital chaos to their advantage by using digital mindfulness to evaluate progress on the digital journey and developing an agile digital strategy that is responsive to changes in their environment. Readers will learn how to create a symbiotic relationship between humans and machines to develop co-intelligence and balance people, process and technology for successful implementation.

It is the perfect read for leaders and executives looking for a guiding hand on their digital transformation journey and want to prepare themselves for the inevitable challenges along the way.

Digital Made Simple is published by Rethink Press and available on Amazon.

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David Galea releases 'Digital Made Simple' as the ultimate read for how to implement successful digital programs

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