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Clevertouch Marketing Sets Intent to Achieve EMEA Salesforce Full Stack Partner Status

Clevertouch Marketing, Europe’s leading marketing technology (martech) consulting and service provider and existing Salesforce Partner, is today outlining an ambitious plan for the company to achieve Salesforce Full Stack partner-certified program accreditation by late Summer 2023.

Salesforce Full Stack accreditation requires certified capability across the Marketing Cloud suite including Customer Data Platform, Personalisation and Intelligence. Clevertouch expects to have 25-30 more people within its technology and service delivery team certified and as a result significantly enhance its ability to consult and provide services to both B2C and B2B2C clients.

Clevertouch expects to be the only Salesforce Full Stack consultancy in Europe in a position to fully enable clients to realise their customer experience goals as well as understand and operationally deliver the maximum return from their Salesforce Marketing Cloud investment.

Over the next few months, Clevertouch is creating an extensive content and training program, providing internal training modules, assisted self-study and self-study guidance that follow a structured pathway. The program, supported by Salesforce’s training resources and client-led projects, will help its team members achieve additional individual certifications in Salesforce platforms and contribute towards the number required for Clevertouch itself to achieve the Full Stack accreditation.

Adam Sharp, CEO at Clevertouch Marketing said: “As the leading UK-based martech consultancy in Europe, Clevertouch is uniquely positioned, through our heritage, growth and capabilities, to achieve this level of Salesforce Full Stack partner-certified status. It is a natural extension of what we do and where we play. Our vision is to be the most respected and most authentic martech company globally: by that we mean we use all the technology ourselves and we know how to apply it properly in a coherent framework.

“We prioritise investment in our employees to be the most certified and respected in the industry and never compromise quality with contractors. We continue to invest heavily in our internal and customer training capability; we are using gamification, interactive training and our AI training app Exum, currently in beta mode, to coach stronger skills and predict certification outcomes. By investing further in our technical team and combining it with our inherent marketing understanding which is at the core of our DNA, we will remain front and centre of the most ambitious martech projects in Europe and beyond.”

Luke Crickmore, Technical Director at Clevertouch Marketing commented: “The Salesforce Full Stack program is a compelling opportunity for delivering real change for clients and for partners like us as it enhances the marketing automation and marketing cloud capabilities of Clevertouch. Whether that is in strategic assessment of marketing objectives, the platforms to best support those goals and how to measure and use data to make continual improvements, our team is excited to further strengthen their skills in the Salesforce cloud ecosystem.”

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Clevertouch plan for the company to achieve Salesforce Full Stack partner-certified program accreditation by late Summer 2023.

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