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Biomni Strengthens Tenjin with GPT-3 Capabilities

Software provider Biomni, an expert in building corporate virtual assistants, has announced the integration of GPT-3 capabilities into Tenjin, its multi-platform solution facilitating access to shared business knowledge.


The potential of AI and its impact on our lives is undeniable, as the increased number of advanced solutions proves. One of these is OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology, which made the headlines with the public launch of ChatGPT in November 2022.


Recognising the potential of large language models, Biomni has integrated some of their capabilities into Tenjin. This means that Tenjin users can benefit from additional advantages and make even better use of their corporate virtual assistants delivered by Biomni.


Tenjin, built on Microsoft Azure and Cognitive Services, combines AI with a crowdsourcing approach allowing companies to migrate existing internal business knowledge onto a single platform where it is easily accessible and searchable for teams. In addition, it provides employees with a virtual assistant able to answer frequently asked questions or redirect them to the right source. As Microsoft invests in OpenAI, leveraging their solutions is a natural progression for Tenijn.


ChatGPT’s natural language capabilities are one of its greatest strengths. The integration of large language models into Tenjin enhances the quality and variety of user interaction, making the experience of searching for knowledge more ‘human-like’.


Similarly, the GPT model can add to Tenjin’s already strong knowledge management capabilities. For instance, when supplied with large quantities of source material, GPT-3 can create digestible summaries, draft emails, readback text, or pull-out specific requested information.


Additionally, Tenjin will act like a consultant, using the GPT model for creative thinking prompts. When looking for ‘blue sky thinking’ on various topics, GPT-3 will suggest solutions to consider and encourage internal brainstorming whilst Tenjin knowledge moderators will be able to oversee the responses.


Biomni is also keen to recognise and manage the current GPT limitations. Trained on massive amounts of data from the internet, ChatGPT can generate incorrect information or create biased content, as OpenAI warns. Human moderation, management and context are vital. With the supervision of knowledge moderators, GPT’s capabilities are controlled and knowledge is not drawn from the internet, but from the client’s internal knowledge banks.


“GPT-3 technology has demonstrated the power and potential of emerging AI. Incorporating elements of GPT into Tenjin will make it more accessible and engaging, whilst always being overseen by humans. With over 20 years of experience in the sector, we understand how to incorporate large language models in an enterprise. GPT-3 integration with Tenjin delivers the corporate usefulness of something like ChatGPT but most importantly, using your specific business knowledge and data,” says Angus Gregory, CEO of Biomni.


To provide more information on how to embrace and control ChatGPT in business, Biomni will host a virtual masterclass on GPT-3. Their experts will also explain how to maximise the capabilities of GPT while using Tenjin. More details will soon be available on Biomni’s website.

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