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Artistry and Milestones: JD Malat Gallery Commemorates 5th Anniversary with Striking Showcase of Sophie-Yen Bretez’ Debut Solo Exhibition

LONDON, 8th JUNE – JD Malat Gallery, a leading contemporary art destination in London’s Mayfair district, commemorated a momentous occasion on June 7th as it marked its 5th anniversary. The gallery celebrated this milestone with a captivating exhibition showcasing the latest collection by artist Sophie-Yen Bretez, titled Powerful, Despite it All.

The anniversary was a resounding success, and served as a testament to JD Malat Gallery’s commitment to showcasing contemporary art and nurturing emerging talents, all of which have defined its remarkable journey over the past five years. The event brought together renowned artists, esteemed collectors, art enthusiasts, and members of the press, creating a vibrant atmosphere of creativity and celebration.

Attendees were treated to a mesmerising preview of Sophie-Yen Bretez’ debut solo exhibition, Powerful, Despite it All, a surreal exploration and personal narrative on femininity. Throughout the collection, aspects of Sophie’s being were immortalised in each brushstroke, all of which told a heartbreaking, yet hopeful narrative. Speaking about the collection, she revealed her unique artistic process that seamlessly blends poetry and painting, and invited guests to read the poems alongside the works.

In an enchanting fusion of literature and visual art, each painting in the collection became an exquisite embodiment of the accompanying poem. Sophie’s profound connection to the written word allowed her to translate the emotions and narratives expressed in the poems onto the canvas, creating a powerful synergy between language and visual expression.

With each brushstroke guided by the poetic verses, the paintings in Powerful, Despite it All became more than mere images; they became an intimate conversation between the written word and the visual realm. This extraordinary interplay between poetry and painting added depth, resonance, and layers of meaning to each artwork, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a multisensory experience.

Throughout the past five years, JD Malat Gallery has been at the forefront of the art scene, curating exceptional exhibitions that push boundaries and challenge perceptions. The gallery has consistently fostered an environment where artists can freely express their visions, resulting in a diverse range of thought-provoking and visually stunning artworks.

Looking forward, JD Malat Gallery remains committed to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, fostering talent, and delivering exceptional exhibitions that inspire and captivate audiences. With the next five years on the horizon, the gallery eagerly anticipates the exciting new artistic journeys that lie ahead.

Powerful, Despite it All by Sophie-Yen Bretez will be displayed until 8th July.

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JD Malat Gallery Since its establishment in 2017, JD Malat Gallery’s mission has been to support established and emerging artists. Specialising in contemporary art, the gallery represents over 20 international artists from a diverse range of media, from sculpture and painting to video and photography. JD Malat Gallery aims to provide a significant international audience for its artists through its wide-ranging programme and participation in art fairs across the globe and also endeavours to broaden its dialogue with artists outside of the gallery’s core programme. Jean-David Malat, Gallery Founder Born in Paris, Jean-David Malat is a London-based art dealer and curator dedicated to discovering and developing the careers of contemporary artists. Having trained at Sotheby’s and with over 15 years of experience in the art industry, Jean-David has collaborated with numerous international museums and foundations and has secured sales of several masterpieces spanning the secondary and primary market. Following his passion to nurture and champion emerging artistic talent, Jean-David set up JD Malat gallery at 30 Davies Street, Mayfair which opened to much acclaim in June 2018. Jean-David has discovered, promoted and established over a dozen formerly-unknown artists, and continues to use his years of expertise to bring even more artists to the world’s attention. Sophie-Yen Bretez Sophie-Yen Bretez, a self-taught emerging artist based in Paris, draws from her Vietnamese heritage to infuse her multifaceted artistic practice. After pursuing a master’s degree at Neoma Business School in France, Bretez transitioned from various management positions to devote herself full-time to art in 2021. Bretez explores the human condition in a state of recovery, blurring boundaries and emphasising the ambivalence of existence. Challenging the traditional male gaze, her art features strong, unapologetic women who assert control over their bodies. Each painting begins with a poem, adding an additional layer of dialogue between the artwork, viewer, and artist. Bretez’s art perpetuates substantive narratives that encompass political, societal, and existential themes. JD Malat Gallery, 30 Davies St, Mayfair, London, W1K 4NB Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm; Saturday: 12pm – 6pm.

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