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AMC Design Unleashes Interior Magic: Clients' Personalities Key to Revolutionising Home Spaces

AMC Design Unleashes Interior Magic: Clients’ Personalities Key to Revolutionising Home Spaces

The award-winning Yorkshire-based interior design house, AMC Design, has revolutionised the way it acquires clients’ design briefs by delving into their personalities to find out what makes them tick.

The agency, founded by Ann Marie Cousins in 2014, has introduced a detailed questionnaire, interview and design development process, significantly strengthening the way it builds a client’s brief – encouraging their personal creative input.

The new process ensures AMC Design identifies what will work within the space, understands any practical design constraints and produces a scheme that both reflects and enhances a family’s life within the space, by reflecting its personality.

“It’s about getting it right at a gut level”, says founder, Ann Marie Cousins. “Understanding who our clients are and getting under their skin is key when creating their home.

“Historically, we have found that clients often wish to be told what will work for the space, rather than have any creative input. But AMC Design’s ethos has always been to hear what a client has to say about how they live their lives and what they love. This enables us to create the solid bones of a project, and to add personality in accessories and colours to reflect the core principles of a family’s personality.

“From understanding how they live, to where they work, what they eat, where they buy their clothes, what films they like – each part of a person’s tastes and interests feeds into creating a space that will last for the long-term, not just mirror any current trends.”

For AMC Design it is all about building a long-term relationship, leading a client through the design process from inception to delivery and beyond, and encouraging clients to be brave with their design choices.

The new briefing system has been met with a great deal of praise by clients, who confirm that they chose AMC Design because of the different and refreshing methods it uses to encourage their clients to be braver.

“There are two main reasons why we are very pleased that we worked with Ann Marie”, said Ilkey client, Elaine Jones. “The first is the aesthetic results. Ann Marie took on board our tastes and constraints and with her ideas and support, we were confident to be so much bolder than we would have been on our own. We love everything.

“Secondly, Ann-Marie was excellent at project management. She introduced us to a team of fantastic tradespeople, and she kept a daunting programme moving forward at a good pace. We certainly could not have managed without her.”

Helen Bleacher from Yorkshire was full of admiration for AMC Design’s continued encouragement to think outside the box and be brave with colour.

“Ann Marie was brilliant at her job – as were her whole team. They achieved the perfect balance of listening to what you’re after, combined with their own ideas. They’re confident in their ideas and they always turned out to be right! We would recommend them unreservedly.”

“Our aim with each project is that it should tell a visitor something about the people that live there, and be an effortless, true reflection of a family’s identity.” concludes Ann Marie.

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