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Agria Pet Insurance Spearheads Animal Welfare Proposition for 2023

Following a year that saw the world’s oldest pet insurer launch the UK’s only lifetime insurance for horses, Agria Pet Insurance has announced its focus on animal welfare for 2023 and beyond. With the cost of living crisis continuing to put pressure on pet owners, Agria’s focus will be to educate animal owners so that they can maintain protecting and prioritising their pet’s welfare.


Based upon the five needs of the Animal Welfare Act: Behaviour, Diet, Health, Environment and Companionship will be at the heart of all Agria does. Each of these five needs ensures that an animal is cared for both physically and mentally. While the Act is there to protect animals from harm and mistreatment, Agria is also seeking to investigate what typical animal owners can do to make their animals lives as good as they can possibly be.


Providing pets with healthcare since 1890, the foundation of Agria’s ethos is to allow animals to thrive, whilst providing peace of mind for their owners. This is a passion shared with customers as well as the many partners, vets, breeders and rehoming organisations Agria works closely with – ultimately its whole community. Supporting the insurer in promoting the importance of animal welfare is long-standing partner, Lord Trees.


Lord Trees, Professor of Veterinary Parasitology and crossbench member of the House of Lords, said: “Animal welfare is crucial to me, as a crossbench peer and former vet. The Animal Welfare Act of 2006, which I was involved in, updated all previous legislation and provides clear guidance on animal care through the five welfare needs: Behaviour, Diet, Health, Environment, and Companionship. These needs ensure the mental and physical wellbeing of animals by allowing them to express their natural behaviours; have a suitable diet; live in an environment with companionship and shelter. I fully support Agria’s 2023 campaign to raise awareness about the importance of fulfilling our duty to care for animals.”


Another supporter of the insurer in advancing the significance of animal welfare is partner, Marisa Heath.


Marisa Heath from the All Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare, said: “The 2006 Animal Welfare Act redefined animal welfare by recognising the physical and mental needs of animals. The five freedoms are a crucial starting point for understanding pet needs beyond basic care. To achieve the highest standards of animal welfare, it’s important to consider what normal behaviour is for our pet, what causes fear or distress, and what they enjoy doing. I’m delighted Agria Pet Insurance prioritises animal welfare by working with owners to deliver the five freedoms and more for their pets.”

Vicki Wentworth, Managing Director at Agria Pet Insurance, said: “In 2022, Agria proudly became carbon positive and now diligently focuses on protecting pet welfare. Animal companions enrich our lives and Agria aims to return that generosity by giving them the best possible life. We have supported animal welfare through funding research and supporting rescues for many years. Now, in 2023, Agria plans to explore more ways to illuminate pet welfare through specialist interviews, research and case studies, helping owners to treat animals well and in a way that fully enriches their lives.”


To learn more about Agria’s commitment to animal welfare, please visit

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